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Curvy Jewish Escort in Nashville

Whether you found me browsing the web for wickedness or found yourself seeking the unique services I specifically offer, I’m so glad you found me. Like you, I am frequently overjoyed with the discoveries and connections I make here. It is my belief that the human experience has its most important moments in our hedonism and humor. It is my hope that we share some of those moments with one another.

My Philosophy

Physical pleasure is central to our well-being as humans; particularly those of us who run in life’s fast lanes. Learning as much as we can about our bodies, our needs, and pleasing others is an important part of knowing ourselves as lovers. Positive exchanges of knowledge, power, pleasure and pure honesty offer us the opportunity to grow. 

New Experiences

You must be curious about our potential experience by now! I offer traditional GFE companionship (I make a great Diane to your Sam). My specialties lie in sensual connection and kink exploration experiences, and in helping you with overcoming inhibition. I also provide couples with intimacy instructional consultations. Explore my Experiences Page to find out more!


Meet me at home in Nashville or catch me on my frequent travels! My corporate gig keeps me on the move, and I relish any chance to jet-set. NYC and San Francisco bring me to town most often. Check out my travel page for other places we might find trouble, as well as details on how we can create a bespoke experience when you fly me to you!

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Curvy Jewish Escort in Nashville

Aviva Anders

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