Here’s Why You Should Be Practicing Sensual Exploration

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Hello loves, it’s me, your friendly neighborhood Jewish escort bringing you the background reading you need to maintain your best sex life yet.

Settle in and let’s have a chat about sensual exploration – and why it’s so good for you. 

If you are a Southern dweller like me (hey there, Nashville), you are well aware that our culture conditions us to restrain our sexuality from the moment we discover that we are sexual beings. Even those of you on the coasts of California and New York know this is true. Monogamy and other archaic sexual norms leave us dependent on our partners to discover our most vulnerable and deepest places through sexual interaction. This means that they need to be willing to explore our needs and we need to explore theirs; keep safe spaces for them, be willing to participate in one another’s emotional realms as supporters and keep up with the rest of real life.
It’s a lot to expect from any one person, right? 

Sensual exploration offers you the space to be selfish. 

You heard me. 

This is about you. When you focus solely on your own needs within the safe boundaries set by your exploration partner (or partners, for those of you in the advanced class) you learn things about yourself that enhance your whole human experience. 

When you practice sensual exploration with me, you step into a space free of emotional complications. Our ease is nurtured by our up-front terms and expectation of shared intimacy. The very practice of telling a woman, “I want to do this with you and I’ll take care of what you need to open that space to me first,” is an act of self-love. This act establishes intimate space with the freedom to keep it at a healthy distance from the other parts of your life. 

Sensual exploration does not have a set protocol that we have to follow. Instead, it is a space created for you to communicate and experience your sexual curiosities with me. It is a space for us to let laughter and lust take the lead and shed societal rules along with our clothing. It is releasing our stress, elevating our pleasure and connecting with our most human selves. 

Exploring your sensuality leads you to emotional, mental and physical healing. You deserve this space to celebrate who you are as a sexual human.

Let’s explore together. Reach out so we can start planning your fantasy. 

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