In general, it is my expectation that our exchanges are based on mutual discretion and respect. Boundaries and appropriate communication sustain our relationship throughout every layer, no matter how brief or casual it might be. Our relationship is dependent upon the consistent reinforcement of these core elements.


Please reach out before and between dates in brief, professional emails. Discretion is best practiced when communication is neat and tidy. We also best protect our mutual affection with boundaries around the time we spend together. Private matters are best discussed in private rather than via email… please reserve enough time together for us to nurture all of these needs in person. I’d also highly recommend setting up an encrypted email account, and can personally recommend Protonmail.

Our Time Together

When we are together, I am completely devoted to your needs and attentions. Please provide an envelope containing my balance in plain view upon arrival and allow me to verify its contents in private before we enter our intimate space.  Please respect the reserved time we have together as well as my own time outside of it. If life throws a wrench your way and you must cancel, please know that I understand. In turn, I ask that you respect my deposit and cancellation policies.

Deposits: For local dates, I require a 25% nonrefundable deposit to secure our time together.

Cancellations: If you must cancel, 25% of the remaining balance must be paid immediately if cancellation is 24 hours prior to our date. Same day cancellations require full my balance paid for our relationship to remain in good standing.

Dates 12 hours and longer, Fly Me to You Arrangements, and all Guided Sensual Learning Experiences require a 50% deposit to secure our date. Cancellations with less than 72 hours notice will require my full balance for our relationship to remain in good standing.

Maintaining our Connection between Visits

Our connection is best nurtured by keeping mutual respect our first priority when we are together as well as apart. To me, this means keeping communication limited to arranging time together. If you would like to pursue time with me between our physical meetings, I recommend setting aside a compensated virtual appointment with me so that I can focus on your nurturing while maintaining my own well-balanced life. Inquire for details!

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