There’s no shortcut into my heart, but a little somethin somethin never hurt


I’m a HUGE history dork (the more obscure, the better). I’m currently into non-fiction about Tsarist Russia and pre-Colombian societies.

Amazon gift cards are always appreciated. 


I delight in scents. I’ll talk your ear off about them. I might even give you some scent recommendations if you ask nicely. 

Twisted Lily is my favorite. 

I do my level best to stay in shape, so if you’re in the mood to get physical, may I recommend gift cards from Gymshark or alo yoga


Living in Tennessee I’m fortunate to spend time outdoors. Want to further fund my addiction? REI gift cards are a start. 

If you’re the philanthropic type, please don’t hesitate to donate to Heifer International or Animal Rescue Corps.

Curvy Jewish Escort in Nashville

Aviva Anders

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