My offerings include a spectrum that ranges from traditional companionship to specialized kink consultations. Each arrangement made with me requires a 25% – 50% deposit and is subject to a cancellation fee. These details are available on my Expectations Page.

Traditional Companionship

Curb Your Enthusiasm
Standard Dates, Available in Base Cities Only
2 hour minimum for new clients

Designed to nurture your needs through a deeper connection, Available in Base Cities Only

Happy Days
Spending a night or two away to fully saturate ourselves in connection, Available in Base Cities and Fly Me to You Arrangements

Sensual Guided Learning

Please note: These experiences are created to enhance your own journey through human interaction and connection with my own experiences. They are not intended to provide professional diagnostic or therapeutic treatment of any kind.
Rates for these experiences reflect the extent of investment required to create the space for the preparation, intentional depth and specific care involved in their approach. You may wish to plan several sessions within each category for ideal saturation.

Introduction to Sensual Exploration
This experience is designed as a safe space for intimate learning and exploration. As your sensual guide, I will go into that intimate space with you, sharing the secrets and sacred knowledge of my own rich experiences. Understand your sexuality at deeper levels while learning new ways to please yourself and your partner. Our time together will be aimed at accomplishing learning through sensual exploration, guided by your needs, questions, desires and kept mutually safe with my established boundaries.
3 hour session… 1500
Extensions… 500 per additional hour together.

Overcoming Inhibition through Safe Exploration
To benefit from this experience, you must be willing and ready to experience vulnerability, healing and intimacy with healthy boundaries. When we confront the things that inhibit us, we gain a liberty over so much more than we even realized was holding us back. So often our sexual inhibitions are keys to our fears or past wounds. Just imagine being free of those things which keep you from enjoying your best human experience… and then allow me to take you through the steps that safely lead you there.
4 hour session… 2000
Extensions… 500 per additional hour together.

Couples Instructional Consultation
Your private pillow talk might just be the key to unlocking your deepest connections together. There are many ways to bring dynamics of power, care, affection and communication into balance through sexual play and expression. I work with you as a couple to exchange these core elements effectively and erotically. Whether we delve into fantasy play, real talk or any place in between, I will provide a safe and pleasurable space to explore your depths together.
4 hour session… 4000
Extensions… 1000 per additional hour together.

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