I’m thrilled that you’re ready to connect with both yourself and me!
Before we get too far ahead of ourselves, please do be sure you’ve read my Expectations page.

Deposits and Cancellations

Deposits: For local dates, I require a 25% nonrefundable deposit to secure our time together.

Cancellations: If you must cancel, 25% of the remaining balance must be paid immediately if cancellation is 24 hours prior to our date. Same day cancellations require full my balance paid for our relationship to remain in good standing.

Dates 12 hours and longer, Fly Me to You Arrangements, and all Guided Sensual Learning Experiences require a 50% deposit to secure our date. Cancellations with less than 72 hours notice will require my full balance for our relationship to remain in good standing.

Now onto booking!

There are two ways you can get in touch with me. The first is via email at [email protected]
It’s hosted at Protonmail and is encrypted. Really, it’s like Fort Knox in there.

When mailing me directly, please introduce yourself with the following information so that I can verify you quickly and easily:

Legal First Name:
Legal Last Name:
Your company name, your position/title, your company website and/or LinkedIn:
City of Residence:
Preferred Dates and Duration:
Preferred Location:
Optional: 2 references of active providers you’ve seen in the past 24 months.

Your information is for screening purposes only, and is deleted once I’ve verified you.

The second way to get in touch with me is via the booking form below. Same information and security, just a different format!

Booking Form

Curvy Jewish Escort in Nashville

Aviva Anders

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